Goondiwindi Regional Council


Building work will generally require a development application if you are:

  • building a free-standing permanent structure
  • extending or raising an existing structure
  • building a retaining wall over one metre high or a fence over two metres high
  • erecting signs.
  • demolishing an existing building or structure (in part or in full)
  • Altering the structure for a different use (e.g. a house to a block of units; an office to a retail shop)
  • altering the exterior of a heritage place
  • carrying out significant structural changes to an existing building.

Unless the property is heritage listed, you do not need a development application if you are:

  • painting or redecorating the interior or exterior of a structure
  • remodelling a kitchen or bathroom
  • performing minor internal structural changes to an existing structure.

(Based on material from the Department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning website)

If you are intending to undertake building work, you may need to refer to the following items:

  1. Development applications
  2. Queensland Government websites about building rules
  3. Building codes