Goondiwindi Regional Council


Under the Sustainable Planning Act 2009 (SPA), Operational work is: 

  • Extracting gravel, rock, sand or soil from the place where it occurs naturally; or
  • conducting a forest practice; or
  • excavating or filling that materially affects premises or their use; or
  • placing an advertising device on premises; or
  • undertaking work in, on, over or under premises that materially affects premises or their use; or
  • clearing vegetation, including vegetation to which the Vegetation Management Act applies; or
  • undertaking operations of any kind and all things constructed or installed that allow taking or interfering with water, other than using a water truck to pump water, under the Water Act 2000; or
  • undertaking tidal works; or
  • work in a coastal management district; or
  • constructing or raising waterway barrier works; or
  • performing work in a declared first habitat area; or
  • removing, destroying or damaging a marine plant; or
  • undertaking road works on a local government road.