Lundavra P&C Fundraiser - The Lion King

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Lundavra State School is 45 minutes north-west of Goondiwindi. They are a one-teacher school with eight children. As you can imagine, with only seven families, fundraising is tough work! Money will be put towards a camp for the younger children so that they can go to Dubbo Zoo, stay there and experience the night time feeding regime and monkey calling ritual the next morning. At Lundavra, the P&C have always heavily funded the camps they send the children on and they pay a minimal fee if not get sent for free and it is something they pride their selves on. Lundavra is an outstanding, little school with a feeling of 'warmth and welcome'. It is all about the children there and giving them a quality education even though they have very few numbers and live a long way from town. What they lack in sports teams and numbers, they carry in spirit. The P&C want these kids to have no worries and thrive for the rest of their lives - HAKUNA MATATA!

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Date: 17th July 2019

Cost: $25/Adult and $15/Child

Time: 18:00 - 22:00