Col Elliot

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Australian comedy has always been defined by its absolute originality and uniqueness on the world stage. One of our best is undoubtedly the one and only Col Elliott. Never abiding to any form of political correctness, Col has been sending audiences into hysterics for just on four decades now. His Gold and Platinum album and CD sales attest to the huge following he has always maintained with fun loving Aussies. His characters are priceless: Punjabi – A Country & Eastern singer. Slugger Mulligan – The bush poet is a misogynist! Chooka Dennis – The Roadie & many more! All of Col’s characters resonate with the Australian public, and political correctness is out the window at any Col show. Do yourself a favour! See a Col Elliott show soon. For uncensored, uncompromised Aussie comedy, he is unbeatable!

Date: 26th July 2019

Location: The Royal Hotel, 48 Marshall street, Goondiwindi, QLD, 4390

Cost: $30.00

Time: 19:00 - 23:00