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The theme this fortnight is ‘Safari Animals’. Owning a pet or interacting with animals in nature, sanctuaries or zoos can be a great learning experience for young children. The special bond children can develop with a household pet and the inquisitive delight they experience when seeing different creatures in their habitat can contribute to early learning. Children can learn empathy and relationship building skills, and expand their vocabulary as they discover new things about animals. You can also nurture your child’s natural curiosity about the animal world through books and nursery rhymes.

There are many books, rhymes, craft and imaginative play opportunities that you can engage in with your little one based on this theme that will support their development. Some of these activities include:

  • Visiting a zoo or farm
  • Making animal masks and engaging in imaginative play using the masks as props to stimulate your child’s imagination
  • Creating animal puppets and put on a puppet show
  • Going on a safari trip by making pretend binoculars using cardboard and walking around spotting the various animals placed (You could use toy animals to hide around, print outs of safari animals or even your imagination. For example a large rock could be a hippopotamus and a magpie could be panda)
  • Playing ‘Guess the Animal’ by describing different animals or by making their sound. Good luck with making an elephant noise
  • Animal Craft, collages or even making a diorama for a favourite animal. See the links below for some suggestions

Remember there are always opportunities to discuss with your child colours, letters, numbers and animals to provide different experiences to extend your child’s development. This can be through a simple conversation about their day and yours – it does not have to be a planned lesson with bulk resources! YOU are their best resource.

Call, Click and Collect Service: You can still ring the library and request for some books, audiobooks, DVDs or puzzles to be put aside for you.

I hope you enjoy this fortnight’s books, songs and activities and I would love to see you at a session soon.

Prompting Questions/Activities

  • Can you point to where the title is?
  • What does the title tell you?
  • What can you see on the front cover?
  • Predict/guess what the story might be about. What clues helped you come up with that idea?
  • What do you think the problem may be?
  • Where do you think the story will be set/will take place?
  • What words might you find in the book?
  • What are you wondering about the book?
  • What can you see on this page?
  • What do you think is going to happen next?
  • How do you think that character is feeling right now?
  • Why do you think the character did that?
  • Would you have done the same thing?
  • What questions do you have about the story?
  • I wonder….?
  • What if…..?
  • What was your favourite character/part of the book and why?
  • Create a story map for the book.
  • Can you tell me what happened in the book? (Prompt your child so as not to miss any important parts at the beginning, middle or the end.)
  • What could happen next after the story has finished?
  • What is a different way the story could end? 
  • Why did the author write this book?
  • See if they can find a letter/sound/word in the book. Eg. Can you find the word bear on this page? Can you find 9 letter a’s on this page? 
  • How do you relate to the book? eg. Have you ever been on a bear hunt before? What other texts eg. books/movies/tv shows have you read that has similar characters/plot in it?

Rhymes Relished this session

Click on the picture below to be guided through some of the favourite rhymes.

safari rhymes image

There are many more rhymes and songs about this theme. Try searching through these platforms:

  • YouTube
  • Spotify
  • Apple Music
  • ABC App
  • The Wiggles website

Books to Enjoy

Click on the book/s to listen to the stories related to the theme. Some of these books can be accessed via the Story Box Library. If you are a library member, follow the How to Guide to assist you when logging in. You can then type in the book name in the search area. After this, sit back and enjoy the story. Others are linked to YouTube clips for educational purposes only and with the understanding that we are not the producers/authors/creators of the following clips.

Click on the book/s to read at home today.

*Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell

Dear Zoo book cover

*If I Ran the Zoo by Dr. Seuss

If I ran the zoo book cover

Engaging Activities

There are many activities that link to the theme ‘Safari Animals’ this fortnight. The face-to-face activity at the Goondiwindi Library was making animal masks and engaging in imaginative play. This included a revamp of ‘Old MacDonald’s Farm’ substituting the farm animals for safari animals.

Animal Masks by First Palette

Click on the image below to find animal mask templates that you can decorate with your little one.

safari animal masks image


More Animal Masks by Arty Crafty Kids

Click on the image below to find animal mask templates that can inspire imaginative play with your children.

10 animal masks image

Benefits of these activities:

  • To encourage imagination and creativity
  • To support social and emotional development
  • To improve language and communication skills
  •  To develop thinking, learning and problem solving abilities
  • To enhance physical development
  • To spend some quality time with your little one


Safari-themed Activities by Home School Preschool

Click on the image below to find more engaging activities related to the theme.

jungle animal activities image

More Safari Activities by Child Fun

Click on the image below to additional engaging activities related to the theme.

more safari activities image

Prefer hard copies or want more theme-related goodness? Don’t forget you can access or reserve these and more through Aurora or visiting your local library today!

Have a look through the below lists to find a book your child would enjoy and see if your local library has it or can order it in.

Hard Copy Resources

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Fortnight Tip:  The way we share stories is just as important as how often we read to young children. Slow down the pace when sharing stories. Young children need time to engage and respond. Children love to hear the same stories over and over. It’s adults who get bored

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