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Algal Bloom in Waterpark

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2 May 2019


“Stay out of the water” – Algal bloom closes waterway

Goondiwindi Regional Council has temporarily closed the waterway in the Goondiwindi Natural Heritage and Water Park due to the serious potential health risks of a blue-green algal bloom.

Council has closed the waterway, effective immediately, in the interest of public safety until the risk is reduced. The water park facilities, playground and walking tracks will remain open.

The potential health risks are associated with exposure to affected water and Council recommends people avoid all contact with the water until further notice. Algal blooms impact water quality and exposure to blue-green algae toxins can pose serious health risks to people and animals.

“Keeping users safe and protecting our visitors is our priority at the moment,” said Goondiwindi Regional Council CEO Carl Manton.

All water-based activities in the park such as swimming, water-skiing, boating and paddling, are now restricted.

“It’s not ideal before the long weekend but we urge everyone to be patient and to stay out of and off the water in the interest of public safety,” Mr Manton said.

Blue-green algae are naturally occurring bacteria that live in lakes and waterways. Excessive growth of these bacteria (an ‘algal bloom’) typically occurs during summer and autumn.

The phenomenon is uncommon in the Goondiwindi Nature and Heritage Water Park but recent warm temperatures, high levels of sunlight and calm waters may have provided optimal growing conditions for blue-green algae levels.

Signage erected on the site will provide more information about restricted activities and Council will advise when the park is open again.

For more information about blue-green algae and the potential health impacts, please visit:


For more information, please contact:
Carl Manton
Goondiwindi Regional Council
Phone: 07 4671 7434

Published: 2nd May 2019