Major upgrades for Talwood and Yelarbon water

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New upgrades to the water treatment plants at Talwood and Yelarbon will greatly improve the capacity, reliability and quality of the townships’ drinking water system during high demand periods.

Goondiwindi Regional Council announced their approval for the upgrades on Wednesday. Council’s Water and Sewerage Manager Trevor Seth said residents could expect to see a more standardised water quality and continuity of supply once the works are completed.

The projects will be partially (60%) funded through a $738,000 grant from the Queensland Government's 2019-21 Local Government Grants and Subsidies Program (2019-21 LGGSP).

The upgrade works will include: the construction of a 400 kl clear water reservoir and 120 kl bore water reservoir at the Talwood water treatment plant; a 400 kl water reservoir and pressure pumping system at the Yelarbon treatment plant; and a full refurbishment of the ponds system at the Yelarbon sewerage treatment plant.

The works at the Yelarbon sewerage plant will improve processing and help Council meet its licence requirements.

The upgrades will more than double the water storage capacity at each townships’ water treatment plant, ensuring the water supply can meet required demand during high demand periods.

“The infrastructure upgrades in this project will ensure improved water quality at peak demand times for those towns,” Mr Seth said.

“The upgrades will also significantly reduce the risk of disruption when either water treatment plant requires maintenance  and will reduce the need to cart water.”

The Yelarbon pressure booster pump system will increase the pressure and flow throughout the town, while the additional capacity will provide significantly improved storage and firefighting ability.

Mayor of the Goondiwindi region Graeme Scheu said the projects would improve the reliability and quality of the drinking water supply, which would increase the liveability in both towns.

“We want these benefits to be realised as soon as possible to improve the attractiveness of the location to residents and potential new businesses,” Cr Scheu said.

“Improving the performance and reliability of Council’s infrastructure assets has flow-on effects in economic growth and employment opportunities,” he said.



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Goondiwindi Regional Council

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Published: May 27th 2019