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Water restrictions now in Goondiwindi region

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Water restrictions now in Goondiwindi region

Goondiwindi Regional Council moved to adopt level two water restrictions across parts of the region in its meeting yesterday.

The main changes will be a restriction on what days and times that residents are permitted to use sprinklers and unattended watering systems in the garden. The restrictions will come into effect from 15 July and will apply only to Goondiwindi, Inglewood, Texas, and Yelarbon town residents who purchase water from Goondiwindi Regional Council.

The decision comes as severe drought conditions continue to grip regional areas.  The Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy (DNRME) have previously confirmed that the local dams have sufficient water through to mid 2020.  Whilst we all hope for rain in the interim, water restrictions are an important element of making our water last as long as possible.

However in yesterday’s Council meeting, Mayor Graeme Scheu advised that the DNRME have recently informed Council of a potential issue with the transfering of water from the dams to Council water treatment plants. Council has commenced investigations into alternates to address this significant challenge.

The current supply and ongoing restriction levels will be regularly reviewed.

Cr Scheu said the new restrictions would bring the region in line with current practice in our neighbouring council areas and would help to conserve the region’s precious water supplies.

“As a council, we need to be responsible for managing our water supply and making sure our community will manage if drought conditions get worse. The more water we can save now, the better the outlook for our supply going down the track,” the Mayor said.

Over the coming months, Council will undertake a public awareness campaign, including a mail out to all impacted residents to ensure the community is fully informed of the changes and to suggest ways to work together.

The Goondiwindi region is known for its agricultural industries and the Mayor acknowledged that, as a rural area, most residents will already be well aware of the importance of water and will be watching their consumption.

The water restrictions will not impact those using personal bores or with riparian rights to other water, and these residents are encouraged to consider signage to avoid confusion about their water usage.

The Goondiwindi region has been drought-declared for several years and Coolmunda Dam is currently at 8.4 per cent. Glenlyon Dam, also at 8.4 per cent, is currently well below historical levels. Cr Scheu said Council also took into consideration the outlook of the Bureau of Meteorology’s long-term rainfall forecasts for the region’s catchment area when deciding to implement restrictions.

Cr Scheu said that while Council was hopeful that the region’s current situation would soon improve, it was working on drought mitigation strategies and asking the community to be patient and work with Council as we go through the process and finalise details.

“Everyone can make a difference and we’re asking everyone to be responsible and fair with their usage,” Cr Scheu said.

 “The restrictions are a balance between sustaining regional water supplies while being practical for water users,” he said. “We are asking residents to work with us through these water restrictions until our aquifers and dams are replenished by rain.”




General sprinkling, irrigation systems, unattended hoses, dripper systems etc.

Odd or unnumbered properties:

Tue, Thu and Sat 6-9am and 5-8pm.

Even numbered properties:

Wed, Fri and Sun 6-9am and 5-8pm.

No watering Mondays.

One attended hand held hose with trigger nozzle

Odd or unnumbered properties:

Tues, Thurs and Sat anytime.

Even numbered properties:

Wed, Fri and Sun anytime.

No watering Mondays.

Schools/sports fields/parks and public gardens, commercial nurseries using Council’s supply

Maximum of 12 hours a week with sprinklers etc.

Times to be nominated to and approved by Council.

Cleaning of paved areas

Permitted – however, residents encouraged to minimise the practice.

Pools (topping up from Council supply)


Tanks (topping up from Council supply)


Vehicle washing



For more information about the current water restrictions in the Goondiwindi region, please visit:



Words: 669

For more information, please contact:

Councillor Graeme Scheu


Goondiwindi Regional Council

Mobile: 0427 718 877


Published: June 27th 2019