Warm weather brings more mosquitoes – here’s how to protect yourself

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Goondiwindi Regional Council is asking residents for their help in eliminating mosquito breeding areas after recent weather has provided ideal conditions for the insects to reproduce.

Council is also reminding residents about the importance of protecting themselves against mosquito bites, as there are two species found locally that are known to be carriers of the Ross River virus.

Council’s Director of Community and Corporate Services Jason Quinnell said the recent rain events combined with warmer temperatures have provided ideal breeding conditions for the biting insects.

“Unfortunately, we’ve seen an increase in mosquito numbers recently and their bites can cause more than just an itch,” Mr Quinnell said. “There are three species of mosquito that can carry Ross River, and two of them are found locally in the region,” he said.

Council encourages residents to minimise their risk of exposure to mosquito bites by inspecting their residence for potential breeding sites and taking steps to eliminate them.

“Mosquitoes breed in water so you need to look for anywhere where there’s standing water – whether it’s rainwater tanks, roof gutters or other water containers. Rainwater tanks are of significant concern, and we encourage residents to check for any entry points and ensure insect proof mesh is in place on inlets and overflows,” Mr Quinnell advised.

“Try to make sure there’s no standing wastewater around your home and clear any leaves or debris from roof gutters to make sure they’re draining properly.”

Residents should also ensure they follow some basic safety precautions when outside to reduce their risk of a bite:

  • Wear loose fitting long-sleeved tops and long pants
  • Apply insect repellents to any exposed areas of skin
  • Avoid being outdoors at sunset and during the night, when mosquitoes are most active.

“Some species of mosquitoes will also be active during the day in shaded areas,” Mr Quinnell warned.

Mr Quinnell also emphasised that there is currently no data to link mosquitoes with the transmission of COVID-19.

“However we would encourage all residents to take the necessary precautions to reduce any risk of contracting Ross River fever.”

Residents should visit Council’s website for more information:


For more information, please contact:
Councillor Graeme Scheu
Goondiwindi Regional Council
Mobile: 0427 718 877

Published: 26th March 2020