Inglewood and Texas to host Council meetings and Mayor’s office hours

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Mayor of the Goondiwindi Regional Council, the Honourable Lawrence Springborg, has insisted that ‘regional voices’ will be heard under the new Council.

The Mayor and senior Council officers have started work on the Mayor’s pre-election commitment to the people of Inglewood and Texas, to hold annual Council meetings in both towns. Cr Springborg is also planning to work out of the Inglewood and Texas Council offices regularly, bringing core decision-making to the area’s more regional communities.

Council will let residents know in advance which dates that the Mayor will be working from the Inglewood and Texas Council offices should they wish to make contact.

“I’ve said from the beginning that I will be serving Goondiwindi Regional Council – emphasis on ‘Regional’,” Cr Springborg said.

“I am absolutely committed to connecting with and serving people from all across the region – from Riverton in the East, to Weengallon in the West and all areas in between – not just Goondiwindi,” the Mayor said.

“I absolutely encourage residents to pick up the phone about any Council issues to either myself or my fellow Councillors. Once the current social distancing and safety guidelines are lifted, I also look forward to meeting many more residents face-to-face and working together as one region.”

Published: 15th April 2020