Council amends permitted watering hours, same limits apply

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Goondiwindi Regional Council has agreed to amend its water restriction times in recognition of the shorter daylight hours during winter.

Council made the decision to permanently extend the times in which watering is permitted during its Ordinary Meeting yesterday [27 May]. Although the permitted times have been extended, the actual number of watering hours has not changed and the water consumption target for each water restriction level remains the same.

Council’s Water, Sewerage and Local Laws portfolio holder Councillor Rick Kearney said that Council had received an increased number of requests for water restriction exemptions due to the reduction in daylight hours.

“The water restrictions that were introduced towards the end of last year absolutely did the job and served the purpose that was needed at the time,” Cr Kearney said.

“But as time’s gone on we’ve had an opportunity to consider the longevity of the restrictions, and to adapt them to work around the needs of our community – while ensuring we’re still conserving water,” Cr Kearney said. “In this instance, we’ve opted for less restriction around the particular times when people are watering while still asking that they keep to a strict limit of total watering hours.”

The amendment will replace the previously permitted watering times and will run throughout the year whilst restrictions are in place, not just during winter.

“It would be impossible to decide one particular watering schedule that suited everyone and their individual circumstances, the new times we’ve adopted will give residents and businesses more freedom to work around their own schedules – while still abiding by the permitted number of hours,” Cr Kearney said.

Residents and businesses may still apply for a water restriction exemption and should contact Council for more information.

Under the new amendment, residents on low level water restrictions (Yelarbon) can water with sprinklers and handheld hoses for a maximum of four hours per day on allocated days between 5-9 am and 5-9 pm. Previously, the permitted times were only between 6-8 am and 6-8 pm.

Residents on medium level water restrictions (Goondiwindi and Texas) can water with sprinklers and handheld hoses for a maximum of just two hours per day on allocated days between 5-9 am and 5-9 pm.

High level water restrictions are not currently in place in any towns in the Goondiwindi region.

Council will be in contact with affected residents and businesses to confirm the changes and to clarify the amended watering times.

For more information or to download the new restriction times fact sheet, please visit

Published: 28th May 2020