Reckless disposal of sharps waste is unacceptable, says Mayor

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The improper disposal of sharps waste in the Goondiwindi region must stop, said the region’s Mayor the Honourable Lawrence Springborg AM, today.

Goondiwindi Regional Council announced that it will install new syringe disposal containers across the region to address an increased number of reports of sharps dumped in public areas.

Cr Springborg called the behaviour totally unacceptable.

“The reckless disposal of sharps in our community must stop; endangering our fellow residents – and especially our youth using public parks and playgrounds – is absolutely not acceptable,” Cr Springborg said.

“I ask people to seriously consider the consequences of their behaviour on their neighbours and wider community, and to think about the danger that their actions pose.”

Council will install the new sharps waste disposal containers in the following locations before the end of this month:

  • Francis Street Park
  • Sandhurst Street Park


  • Zacka Park
  • Goondiwindi Boat Ramp


  • Apex Park
  • Lions Park
  • Redmond Park







The new containers will complement existing units in Goondiwindi Town Park, Sandhurst Park, Goondiwindi Botanic Gardens, Inglewood Apex/Lions Park and Inglewood Memorial Park.  Sharps can also be disposed of at the Goondiwindi and Texas hospitals.

Cr Springborg said he hoped that easier access to disposal units would encourage people to do the right thing.

“We accept that there are absolutely legitimate medical reasons that require people to need to dispose of needles, and hopefully with an increased number of options in public places, safe disposal will now be easier.

“Conversely, Council totally condemns the use of syringes for substance abuse. However, we must ensure that proper solutions are in place to protect the health of our community.”


Residents are encouraged to report improperly discarded sharps waste by calling Goondiwindi Regional Council on 07 4671 7400 as soon as possible. Give as much detail about the specific location as you can – Council staff will then investigate and correctly dispose of the syringe.

Published: 11th June 2020