Goondiwindi Regional Council


Below are the policies that have been approved by Goondiwindi Regional Council.

If you require access to a particular Council policy which is not published, please make a written request addressed to:

Chief Executive Officer
Goondiwindi Regional Council
Locked Mail Bag 7 
Inglewood Qld 4387

Alternatively, you can send an email to:


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GRC 0001 Councillor Contact with Lobbyists Developers and Submitters Policy.pdf 49.4k
GRC 0003 Councillor Remuneration and Expenses Policy.pdf 36.6k
GRC 0004 Procurement Policy.pdf
GRC 0005 - Community Grants and Donation Policy.pdf 85.7k
GRC 0006 Social Media Policy.pdf
GRC 0007 - Media Communciation Policy.pdf 56.1k
GRC 0008 - Trees on Council Controlled Land Planting Removal Maintenance Policy.pdf 29.3k
GRC 0009 Councillor Travel and Attendance Policy.pdf 49.3k
GRC 0010 Community Engagement Strategy.pdf 61.9k
GRC 0011 Operational Works (Dams and Constructed Water Holes) Policy.pdf 159.7k
GRC 0012 Revenue Policy.pdf
GRC 0013 Smokefree Workplace Policy.pdf 72.3k
GRC 0016 Ordering of Street-Road Signage Policy.pdf 47.8k
GRC 0017 Complaints Managment Policy.pdf 58.5k
GRC 0019 Non Current Assets Statement of Accounting Policy.pdf 389.8k
GRC 0020 Court Attendance and Jury Service Policy.pdf 100.0k
GRC 0021 Debt Policy.pdf
GRC 0023 Internet Public Use Policy.pdf 46.0k
GRC 0025 Urban Levee Bank Policy - Adopted 270416.pdf 520.6k
GRC 0026 Purchasing of Light Vehicles Policy.pdf 145.5k
GRC 0027 Sun Protection Outdoor Work Policy.pdf 39.6k
GRC 0030 Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Policy.pdf 34.2k
GRC 0031 Water Meter Testing Policy.pdf 32.2k
GRC 0035 Private Works Policy.pdf 36.7k
GRC 0037 Tourist Directional Signage Services and Community Facilities Policy.pdf 40.2k
GRC 0038 Extensions and Access to the Road Network.pdf 46.6k
GRC 0039 Entertainment And Hospitality Policy.pdf 43.1k
GRC 0040 Advertising Spending Policy.pdf 51.8k
GRC 0041 Investment Policy.pdf
GRC 0043 Risk Management Policy.pdf 40.2k
GRC 0044 Clarkes Lagoon Reserve.pdf 350.6k
GRC 0045 Information Privacy Policy.pdf 33.3k
GRC 0046 Information Security Policy.pdf 151.8k
GRC 0047 Information Privacy Statement.pdf 27.5k
GRC 0048 Dust Suppression Policy.pdf 418.3k
GRC 0049 Community Gardens on Community Land.pdf 52.9k
GRC 0050 Pre-Placement Drug Policy.pdf 27.1k
GRC 0051 Internal Audit Policy.pdf 42.9k
GRC 0054 Records Management Policy.pdf 48.4k
GRC 0055 Standing Orders Policy.pdf 480.2k
GRC 0056 Public Interest Disclosure.pdf 64.1k
GRC 0058 Maintenance of Unformed or Unmade Roads.pdf 162.5k
GRC 0059 Approved Software and Applications Policy.pdf
GRC 0063 Gates and Grids Policy.pdf 335.1k
GRC 0064 Workforce Planning Policy.pdf 38.0k
GRC 0067 Asset Management Policy.pdf 62.6k
GRC 0068 Horse Agistment Policy.pdf 32.1k
GRC 0070 Councillor Portfolio System Policy.pdf 51.2k
GRC 0071 Concealed Water Leak Policy.pdf 64.3k
GRC 0074 Supply of Domestic Water to Drought Declared Area Policy.pdf
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