Birds & Wildflowers

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Bird Watching

Abundant opportunities for the wilderness enthusiast wrens, great eagles you may even glimpse the rare Regent Honey Eater. Goondiwindi Regional Council is a region that's rich in bird life with around 200 species identified, including: spotted bowerbirds, plum-headed finches, grey-crowned babblers and freckled ducks. Combine this with glorious summer sunsets and crisp misty winter mornings and you have a naturalist's paradise.

Some great bird watching spots have been identified in and around the Goondiwindi area and are detailed in the "Bird Watching in the Goondiwindi Region" brochure, along with a comprehensive species list. The brochure is available at the Goondiwindi Visitor Information Centre.

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Fabulous wildflowers in ideal seasons. With late winter and early spring rains (late August to September), the wildflowers in the Region can be truly spectacular. Breathtaking swathes of golden acacia's (native wattle) and a wide variety of ground covers combine to make the early spring a kaleidoscope of glorious colour.

Wildflowers     Wildflowers