Water Restrictions

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Council's Drought Management Plan will be reviewed and updated over the coming months to address community needs.  

Current Water Restrictions

The following restrictions are effective from Monday 15 July 2019

Purpose Level 2
General sprinkling, irrigation systems, unattended hoses, dripper systems etc

Odd or unnumbered properties Tues, Thurs and Sat 6-9am and 5-8pm.

Even numbered properties Wed, Fri and Sun 6-9am and 5-8pm.

No watering Mondays.

One attended hand held hose with trigger nozzle

Odd or unnumbered properties Tues, Thurs and Sat anytime.

Even numbered properties Wed, Fri and Sun anytime.

No watering Mondays.

Schools/Sports fields/Parks and Public Gardens, Commercial Nurseries using Council’s supply Maximum of 12 hours a week with sprinklers etc.  Times to be nominated to and approved by Council.
New gardens, turf and landscaping

One hour only on the day of establishment by attended hand held hose or sprinkler with timer shut off.

Up to one hour per day with attended hand held hose or sprinkler with timer shut off (between 5pm – 9am) on non-appointed days for up to 14 days after day of establishment (including Mondays).

Plus as per general sprinkling.

Bucket Watering Permitted
Water Truck/Mobile Tank sourcing water from Council’s standpipe Permitted
Cleaning of paved areas Permitted however residents encouraged to minimise the practice.
Pools Permitted
Water Play Toys Permitted
Tanks (topping up from Council supply) Permitted
Vehicle Washing Permitted
Trucks/Trailers Washing Permitted
Building Washing Permitted
Construction Activities Permitted
Animal Husbandry Permitted
Power Supply Failure No water for gardening use permitted
Emergency Service Agencies Exempt

Commercial businesses can apply for a Water Restriction Exemption or Variation or phone 07 4671 7449 for more information.

Download our handy Fact Sheet on Level 2 Water Restrictions

Water Saving Tips

Water Wise Information Sheet

High Water Use Checklist for Households

There are a number of factors that may cause your water bill to increase. Slight changes within your household consumption or a concealed water leak can impact your bill.  The following checklist may help you narrow down what is causing the unusually high water bill.

  • Did you have any guests or extra laundry demands?
  • Have you had any new water appliance or fittings installed recently?
  • Do you see or hear water running or dripping from toilets, taps, pipes or hoses?
  • Have you made changes to your garden?
  • Is the timer working on your irrigation system?
  • If you have a swimming pool is the auto-fill system working properly?
  • Has your household been taking longer showers?
  • Have you had any recent leaks or plumbing work completed, that could have contributed to increased water use?
  • Are re-circulating pumps working on any ornamental water features?
  • Check your evaporative air conditioners are functioning correctly.

Water Saving Tips for Commercial Properties

  • Conduct monthly inspections of your business, focusing on piping joints, toilets, showers, taps, pump seals, hose nozzles, shut-off valves, cooling towers, etc.
  • Poorly maintained equipment can often be prone to leaks. Check any equipment that uses water on a regular basis and put in place preventative maintenance schedules to help avoid potential issues.
  • For underground or concealed pipe work, plumbing companies can be employed to use acoustic leak detection units and pressure testing to locate leaks. 

Water Leaks:

Repairing a Water Leak on your Property

If the water leak is in one of your pipes (the property owner's pipes), you should call a licensed plumber.  Please note that you will be charged for the water that your property uses while the leak remains unrepaired.