Residents and ratepayers can join the library free of charge.  You can join at any branch library.  You need to bring two current forms of identification such as driver's licence, rates notice, telephone account or anything that has both name and proof of address details.

If you are under 18, a parent or guardian will need to sign up and provide two forms of identification as above.

Upon joining you will be given a library membership card. This card will enable you to borrow items from the library.

Library Membership Application Form

You can borrow up to 10 items at any time, which may include 3 audio visual items (audio books, CDs, DVDs, sound cassettes and videos).  The loan period is four weeks (two weeks for audio visual items).

Items can be returned via the out of hours return chutes. These chutes allow you to return material when the library is closed.

Items can be renewed once for a further four weeks provided they have not been requested by someone else.

You can request that items currently on loan be held aside for you at a nominated branch library on their return from loan. You can also request that items located at another branch library be sent to a branch library more convenient for you to visit.

Items not available at a branch library can be requested to be ordered (if available) from the Public Library Services of the State Library at Brisbane.

When an item becomes 7 days overdue you will be sent an overdue notice via the mail. A second notice will be sent after the items becomes 14 days overdue.  If an item becomes 21 days overdue, your membership card will be blocked and cannot be used. You will receive a notice requesting the immediate return of the item or payment for the replacement of the item if it has been lost.

The block on your membership card will be removed once the item is returned or the replacement fee has been paid.

If you lose an item you have borrowed you must pay for it to be replaced. The replacement fee is the cost of the item inclusive of GST.

If you damage an item you have borrowed you must pay for the repair of the item or the replacement of the item if the damage is deemed to be irreparable, inclusive of GST.

Payment can be made at any branch library.

If the item you need is not listed in the branch library catalogue, we can attempt to borrow the item on your behalf from another library service on inter-library loan.

If you think you have lost your library membership card, or if it has been stolen, notify your nearest branch library as soon as possible.

Replacement cards are available from all branch libraries on confirmation of identity

If your contact details change please advise your nearest branch library as soon as possible.