Building Work

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Building work will generally require a development application if you are:

  • building a free-standing permanent structure
  • making alterations/additions or raising/restumping an existing structure
  • building a retaining wall over one metre high or a fence over two metres high
  • erecting signs.
  • demolishing an existing building or structure (in part or in full)
  • Altering the structure for a different use (e.g. a house to a block of units; an office to a retail shop) will require a change of classification under the National Construction Code.
  • altering the exterior of a heritage place
  • carrying out significant structural changes to an existing building.

Unless the property is heritage listed, you do not need a development application if you are:

  • painting or redecorating the interior or exterior of a structure
  • remodelling a kitchen or bathroom (also check with Council's Water & Sewerage Section - approvals may also be required for on site sewerage systems or connection to council's sewer system).
  • performing minor internal structural changes to an existing structure.

Building forms

As from 1st July 2017 a new Planning Act commenced in Queensland. It will only require a new Form 2 application for Building Work in most instances.  Building forms can be found on the Department of State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning using the following link: 

Department of State Development, manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning

If you are intending to undertake building work, you may also need to refer to / speak with:

  1. Development Applications (e.g. Material Change of Use, Reconfiguration of a Lot, etc.) - GRC Planning Department 
  2. Queensland Development Codes for siting requirements (e.g. building near or over infrastructure or relocating a building) - GRC Building Department
  3. Building Codes - GRC Building Department or a Private Certifier
  4. Plumbing and Drainage applications / issues - GRC Water & Sewerage Department
  5. Flood Check Maps - Queensland Reconstruction Authority
  6. Contaminated or uncontrolled landfilling