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Waste Disposal Levy

The way we deal with waste in the Goondiwindi region has changed to meet new Queensland Government legislation.  From July 1 2019, the Goondiwindi region was included in the Queensland Government‘s waste disposal levy zone.

The new legislation will require the following changes:

  1. Council must pay $88 per tonne of waste that goes to landfill to the Queensland Government. The Queensland Government will reimburse this charge for waste generated by domestic users, effectively restricting the levy to commercial waste only. Recyclables that do not end up in landfill, such as green waste, will not be levied.
  2. Council must ensure a weighbridge is in operation at every landfill site by 2029.  Council has elected to close five (5) of the smaller landfills and construct Transfer Facilities.
  3. What is a Transfer Facility? 
    Transfer Facilities come in a range of sizes and are limited to domestic waste.  They are either small skip bins in a shed structure or larger bins with an access ramp.

How this effects you can be found in this brochure.

Where is my closest waste facility site?

Goondiwindi Waste Facility - Rubbish Tip Road (off Kildonan Road)
Texas Transfer Station - Pump Station Road
Inglewood Waste Facility - Inglewood/Texas Road
Yelarbon Transfer Station – East of Sawmill Road, Yelarbon
Toobeah Bin Station – Cnr Minnel Road/Barwon Highway, Toobeah
Bungunya Bin Station – Main Street, Bungunya
Talwood Transfer Station – Talwood-Mungindi Road, Talwood

What days and times are the waste facility sites open?

The Goondiwindi Waste Facility is open 7 days a week. 

Operating hours are:

Monday to Friday - 8:00am to 5:00pm, Saturday & Sunday - 9:30am to 5:00pm
Closed Christmas Day, New Years Day, Good Friday & on ANZAC Day from 8am to 12noon.  Open all other public holidays.

Inglewood Transfer Station is open 24/7.  Commercial/Industrial and Construction Demolition waste will ONLY be accepted on Wednesdays, 8.30am – 12.30pm, via the weighbridge. (Charges apply)

All other transfer stations are open at all times.

Can I recycle items at local waste facility sites?


table showing recoverable materials from landfills and transfer stations in the goondiwindi regional council area

Proterra Group are contracted by Goondiwindi Regional Council to operate and manage the Goondiwindi and Inglewood Waste facility.  To contact the weighbridge at the Goondiwindi site call 0447 611 700 or Proterra Group telephone  07 4671 5701 or visit their website www.proterragroup.com.au


The DrumMUSTER program is a national stewardship program set up for the safe collection and recycling of chemical containers. It aims to remove unwanted chemical containers from the waste stream and recycle the materials used to produce them. The Goondiwindi waste facility offers a container enclosure for the DrumMUSTER that has been set up for the safe collection of empty chemical containers and is managed by PROTERRA Group. Collection hours are from 8am to 3pm Monday to Friday. Proterra can be contacted on the following numbers: Weighbridge - 0447 611 700 OR 07 4671 5701.

DrumMUSTER storage enclosures are also located at Council's works depot in Inglewood and Texas. Please call to arrange a suitable time for any deliveries.

Killen Street Inglewood - 0427 574 288
Flemming Street Texas - 0467 959 285

DrumMUSTER services are also available in all areas through an on-farm service and scheduled muster days.  Minimum 600 drums for on farm collection (bookings may be made by contacting Goondiwindi Regional Council on 0746 717 400.)

There are also three (3) other DrumMUSTER programs conducted in partnership with local school communities at Kioma State School, Yelarbon P & C and Border Rivers Christian College. These partnerships benefit for funds raised during the operation of the stewardship program.

For additional program information please contact Ed Bracey at drumMUSTER on 0419 787 901 or visit their website - Drummuster


ChemClear is a national stewardship program designed for the collection and disposal of unwanted Agvet chemicals. The Chemclear program provides a safe, effective and convenient method for the disposal of obsolete Agvet chemicals. The main objective of the program is to minimise the accumulation of unwanted Agvet chemicals held in storage which may potentially create both public health and environmental risks.

ChemClear runs its collection program every two or three years, which is supported by the GRC through the provision of collection points at the Goondiwindi waste facility.

Is there anything I can’t take to my local waste facility site?

Tyres are prohibited from being dumped at all of Councils' facilities, except Goondiwindi and Inglewood (Wednesday only) where charges will apply for handling and shredding.  Tyres should be left with the dealers at the time of changeover. Heavy fines apply and "On the Spot Fines" may be issued.

How do I dispose of Hazardous material e.g. Asbestos?

The disposal of regulated wastes such as asbestos can be disposed of at Goondiwindi Waste Facility or Inglewood Waste Facility only by prior arrangement. Goondiwindi - 0447 611 700 and Inglewood - 0427 375 798.  All regulated waste is to be wrapped and commercial quantities must have tracking details.

What fees and charges apply at our waste facilities?

View Council's Waste Disposals Charges.

Waste disposal gate charges and how you may be charged

Council has a user pays system for waste disposal charges at our waste facilities. The assessment of whether a load of waste is to have a commercial charge is determined by the gatehouse operator taking into account a number of things:

  • Is the vehicle used in the operation of a business?
  • Is the vehicle considered a large truck - i.e. not a normal domestic type vehicle?
  • Is the quantity of waste being disposed of more than what is considered a normal quantity of waste produced from the normal operation of a household?
  • Is there any waste that a separate fee is listed for e.g. dead animals, asbestos, and waste for special burial?
  • Has the vehicle disposed of waste regularly at any of the Council facilities, thus could it be considered that the customer is producing more waste than 1 x 240L wheelie bin of general waste per week?
  • Does the vehicle have a history of using a facility for the same type of waste on a very regular basis?
  • Where has the waste come from?

Many waste types from a household use can be disposed of for a nil gate charge, however it is best to come prepared to pay if there is any uncertainty, or waste loads are too mingled (mixed and unable to be sorted).

Commercial Charges

Disputing waste gate charges

If you have visited a waste facility, have been charged for waste disposal, and believe that you should not have been charged, please put your query in writing and send it via mailemail or hand delivery to a Customer Service Centre outlining:

  • your contact details
  • when you were at the facility, (date and approximate time)
  • which facility you used 
  • what waste you disposed of
  • a description of the vehicle used and the registration details
  • where your waste came from
  • and include a copy of the disposal docket.

Your request will be investigated and a response provided.  

Waste disposal costs can be reduced by separating different waste types when loading your vehicle and ensuring segregated waste areas are not cross contaminated with other waste (e.g. construction timber, palettes in green waste areas.

The only two sites that accept Commercial and Industrial and Construction and Demolition waste are Goondiwindi and Inglewood landfills. Operating costs are determined using the following imput costs:-

State landfill levy charges and development and running costs per tonne to provide the facility and comply with State Government operating conditions.