Development Applications

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You will need to submit a Development Application if you propose to do any of the following:

  • Use the land for a specific purpose, for example, shop/office, storing machinery, industrial/commercial use.
  • Subdivide land.
  • Create an Access Easement from a formed road to your property.
  • Re-align boundaries.
  • Create a Community Title Scheme (where you have common property).
  • Undertake Operational Works.
  • Build Multiple Dwellings on one parcel of land.

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What are the main types of Development Applications?

There are different types of development identified by the Planning Act 2016. Your project may include more than one type of development and you may have to submit development applications to cover each type of development.

The types of development area:

  • Reconfiguring a Lot - if you are subdividing ("cutting up") land, rearranging a boundary line, creating an easement for access purposes or creating a community title scheme (where you have common property);
  • Material Change of Use - if you are starting a new use (i.e. a motor vehicle workshop on vacant land), changing the use of the land (i.e. from a plant nursery to an industrial storage shed) or significantly increasing the intensity or scale of the use (i.e. extensions to an existing shop);
  • Building Work - certain types of building work may need a development application in addition to a Building Application.
  • Operational Work