Goondiwindi Region Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP)

Council has prepared a Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP) which was adopted by Council on 20 August 2018. The LGIP forms part of Council’s planning scheme.

The purpose of the LGIP is to:

  • integrate infrastructure planning with the land use planning identified in Goondiwindi Region Planning Scheme 2018;
  • provide transparency regarding Council’s intentions for the provision of trunk infrastructure for the Region;
  • enable Council  to estimate the cost of infrastructure provision to assist its long term financial planning;
  • ensure that trunk infrastructure is planned and provided in an efficient and orderly manner; and
  • provide a basis for the imposition of conditions about infrastructure on development approvals.

The LGIP identifies trunk infrastructure plans for the following five networks that provide essential services for development:

  • water supply;
  • wastewater;
  • stormwater;
  • transport;
  • public parks and land for community facilities.

LGIP Documents