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As per the Planning Act 2016:

Development is any of the following -

(a) carrying out building work;

(b) carrying out plumbing or drainage work;

(c) carrying out operational work;

(d) reconfiguring a lot;

(e) making a material change of use of premises.

As per the Building Act 1975:

Building work is -

(1) (a) building, repairing, altering, underpinning (whether by vertical or lateral support), moving or demolishing a building or other structure; or

(b) excavating or filling -

(i) for, or incidental to, the activities mentioned in paragraph (a); or

(ii) that may adversely affect the stability of a building or other structure, whether on the land on which the building or other structure is situated or on adjoining land; or

(c) supporting, whether vertically or laterally, land for activities mentioned in paragraph (a); or

(d) other work regulated under the building assessment provisions.

(2) For subsection (1)(d), work includes a management procedure or other activity relating to a building or structure even though the activity does not involve a structural change to the building or structure.