Sewerage Services

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Goondiwindi Regional Council is committed to maintaining high standards of Customer Service. A full set of standards have been developed and are available from any of Council's offices. For further information please view the following documents:

Programmed Works:

Refer Notices page.

Sewer Charges:

SEWERAGE Infrastructure Charge

Please note that there are no connection fees when connecting to Council's Sewer System as this is connected on receipt of approval from the customer's plumber.

Domestic Waste Water Treatment Systems

In unsewered areas, Council requires households to install individual or household sewage treatment systems to treat domestic wastewater from toilets, kitchens, bathrooms and laundries.

If installing a new system or upgrading from a septic to a waste water treatment system, legislation requires you to submit to Council an On-Site Sewerage System design by an accredited designer.

If replacing an existing septic trench then this trench can be replaced with a trench as per existing.

For replacement , upgrade and new systems a Plumbing and Drainage Application is required through Council.

All on-site sewerage work is classed as regulated work and plumber/owners must lodge an application with Council's Plumbing and Drainage Department prior to commencement of works.

Septic System

Classified as a primary treatment plant and must be disposed of underground in absorption or transportation trench. Septic Tanks are typically pumped out and cleaned every 5 years.

Waste Water Treatment Plant

Classified as a secondary and advanced secondary treatment plan, which can be disposed of either above ground or below ground and must be serviced on a quarterly basis.

Sewer Manholes located on your Property:

If there is an odour / broken lid / overflow / or pests coming from a Council Manhole please report it to Council.

Reporting a problem with your Sewerage System:

When to contact a Plumber

If the site where sewage is overflowing, only when flushing or having any household fixtures running this would indicate that the blockage is in the household drainage  - you should call a private plumber.

When to contact Council

If the site where the sewage is overflowing is continual without flushing or having any household fixtures running, this would indicate that the blockage is in the Council Main.

  • To report a sewage blockage involving a Council Main please contact Council during business hours, on 4671 7400 or visit your nearest Customer Service Centre.
  • For Council Emergencies (outside business hours) in the Goondiwindi area please call 4671 4671
  • For Council Emergencies (outside business hours) in the Inglewood and Texas areas please call 4652 1834