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The Boil Water Alert for Talwood town residents remains in effect.
The issue is related solely to turbidity, which is the cloudiness of water caused by suspended particles. While turbidity doesn't necessarily indicate bacteria, high levels can hinder effective disinfection to meet Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.
Residents may observe council crews flushing hydrants as part of rectifying the issue. Regular water testing is ongoing.
An update regarding the Boil Water Alert Status will be provided to residents early next week.
Lifting the boil water alert will require confirmation of safe drinking water levels through multiple consecutive tests under the Guidelines.
We appreciate your understanding and patience. For any questions, please contact Council's customer service team.

The impacted area is as per the map below.

Talwood water map June 2024

Current Notice Statement

Frequently Asked Questions


Goondiwindi Recreation Reserve is currently CLOSED until Friday 12th July (last updated 9 July 2024).


Goondiwindi Natural Heritage & Water Park (Water/ Ski Park) waterways are currently OPEN (last updated 16 April 2024)

Goondiwindi Natural Heritage & Water Park (Water/ Ski Park) park, children's play area and walking tracks are currently OPEN (last updated 16 April 2024).


Council wishes to advise that sewer infrastructure maintenance works at various properties in Talwood are scheduled to commence Monday 8th July 2024. Contractors working on behalf of Council, will be undertaking these works for a period of 1 week, subject to weather conditions. To facilitate these works, it will be necessary for the contractor and their team to access sewer infrastructure within private properties. Council will be performing letterbox drop to the affected residents notifying them of these works. Council is aware of the impact that these works may have and will endeavour to minimise disruptions.


Council would like to advise that sewer pump station (SPS) switchboard upgrade works are scheduled to be undertaken in the road reserve at multiple locations across Inglewood including:

  • 2 Cheshire St, Inglewood;
  • 9 Great Road St, Inglewood;
  • 59 Regent Lane, Inglewood;
  • 32 Albert Street, Inglewood; and
  • 20 Princess Street, Inglewood.

The works are part of funded works to increase flood resilience and vary from the lifting to the complete relocation of sewer pump station switchboards above flood height, ensuring that essential services can be reinstated as quickly as possible following a flood event.

The works are scheduled to commence the week starting 29 January 2024 and is expected to take approximately 16 weeks to complete all locations, subject to preceding works and weather conditions.

During this period, there may be some disruptions to traffic and on-street parking.  Our Contractors will endeavour to program works to minimise these disruptions where practical.  Please follow any directions or instructions given to you by Contractors or Council staff while works are underway.


Council will commence works in early 2024, along Mann Street and the Corcoran Creek frontage to upgrade the current stormwater system for the Botanical Views Estate by installing a new stormwater pump station.  The pump station will pump stormwater from the estate into Corcoran Creek during flood events when the drainage outlets are closed.

Starting in early 2024, Contractors will commence underground stormwater upgrade works on the eastern side of Mann Street between the laneway to the Botanic Gardens and 18 Mann Street.  Works will be confined to the road surface in Mann St and will not impact the footpath or private driveways. The works will also include the construction of a new pump station within the Council controlled reserve on Corcoran Creek.  The pump station will be located behind 16 Mann Street and will be similar in design and appearance to the existing pump stations along the Macintyre River levee bank.

While these works will bring about positive changes and increased flood immunity for the estate, we understand that it may cause temporary inconveniences including increased noise, restricted access and altered traffic flow. We aim to do our utmost to minimise disruptions and complete the works efficiently.

For your safety and convenience, Contractors will display clear signage, implement necessary traffic diversions, and maintain constant communication throughout the duration of the project duration. We request that you please follow any directions or instructions given to you by Council staff or Contractors while works are underway.

Council would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation and patience during this period.


Brigalow Reserve (described as Lot 242 on MH735) is currently CLOSED to the general public to enable the restoration / rehabilitation of the area (last updated 6 October 2021).

To clarify, the reserve will remain available to travelling stock as/when required however it will be closed to the general public for recreational purposes.


Goondiwindi Regional Council is undertaking a Water Meter Replacement program for older water meters within the regional Council area.

Council officers will be accessing properties to replace older water meters, please make sure it is easily accessible and free from obstructions.


Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) manage fire bans and notifications about fires in our area.  Please visit their website - 


The Honourable Councillor Lawrence Springborg, AM - Mayor of the Goondiwindi Regional Council will be working from Inglewood and Texas from 9am to 12.30pm on a regular basis as follows:

  • Texas:  Second Tuesday of the month at the Texas Cultural Centre
  • Inglewood:  Fourth Friday of the month at the Inglewood Civic Centre

He will also be available in Goondiwindi by appointment.

On occasion the days may change due to other commitments.

Please telephone 07 4671 7437 if you would like to make an appointment.


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