Local Disaster Management Plans

Whilst the Goondiwindi Regional Council Local Disaster Management Group and relevant emergency services will do all they can to assist the community in times of disaster, it should be remembered that individuals are ultimately responsible for their own safety. Individuals need to be aware of the hazards that could affect their community and disaster management arrangement, which include the Local Disaster Management Plan, that are in place to deal with them.

The aim of the Local Disaster Management Plan is to provide effective emergency management planning for the Goondiwindi Regional Council’s area of responsibility. In accordance with Section 4 of the Disaster Management Act 2003, emphasis is placed on the four (4) emergency management principles of Prevention, Preparedness, Response and Recovery. 

cover of local disaster management plan 2023-24 showing flooded properties near goondiwindi


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Goondiwindi Regional Council commissioned Engeny Water Management to undertake a flood study for the Inglewood Township. The primary objective of this project was to define the nature, extent and risks of flooding to Inglewood from MacIntyre Brook and Canning Creek for design storm events. Conclusions from the Inglewood Flood Study are summarised herein and provides important information to assist with the management of flood risks and future development planning.
Cover of INGFSR

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This operational plan presents response options for the evacuation of Inglewood in response to a flood. It is based on information known to the LDMG at the time of development and may require some adjustment when being implemented in an actual event. As such its contents should be applied flexibly and with regard to the specific conditions at the time of activation. No elements of this plan are intended to limit the options available to the LDMG.
front cover inglewood flood evacuation plan

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