blue skip bin full of star pickets and fencing materials poking out the top

Mayor expresses disappointment over the misuse of roadside skip bins

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It has come to the attention of Goondiwindi Regional Council that inappropriate waste, including furniture, steel, white goods, and other unwanted items, are being disposed of in roadside skip bins marked for general waste only.

Placing materials such as lengths of steel (e.g. star pickets) into the skip bins could damage the garbage truck compactor, as it is not designed to compress metal or other non-domestic waste items. This behaviour can easily result in costly repairs and disruptions in regional waste collection operations.

“It’s extremely disappointing behaviour,” Goondiwindi Regional Council Mayor, the Honourable Cr Lawrence Springborg AM, said. “Not only does it result in significant costs to repair damage to the truck's hydraulic system, ram, or compactor, but the bill for fixing the damage and disposing of the waste correctly is ultimately passed onto the ratepayer.

“It’s important that the community is made aware of the correct use of these skip bins,” Mayor Springborg said.

“Rubbish piled around skip bins is unsightly and increases the risk of waste obstructing nearby roads. It gives visitors a dreadful impression of our region, and Council must pay to send a staff member out to collect the rubbish, again, ultimately passed onto the ratepayer.

"This serious problem reflects poorly on the rest of the community, which is doing the right thing. By increasing public awareness on responsible waste disposal, I'm hoping we can reduce the financial burden on all of our communities,” he said.

Council provides five regional transfer stations and two landfill sites throughout the region.

Items such as mattresses, refrigerators, white goods, automotive parts, and tyres do not fall under the general waste classification and cannot be disposed of in a skip bin. Acceptable general waste includes food waste, broken kitchenware, soft plastics, sanitary items, cardboard, etc.

The mayor stated, "Bulky household items, like lounge chairs, must be taken to landfills and transfer stations where they can fit into the larger bins or be recycled."

Motorists and all regional community members are strongly encouraged to dispose of waste appropriately and cooperate with Council to detect illegal dumping activities.

Council is committed to keeping the region clean and reducing costs to ratepayers and encourages residents to report illegal dumping using the state reporting tool - For further information about waste management and recycling, visit Council's website - Waste Management – Goondiwindi Regional Council (

11th April 2024 at 12:00 AM