From The Mayor's Desk 2 May 2024

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It was an honour to commemorate ANZAC Day across the region with my fellow Councillors and pay our respects to all those who served. On the day itself, I was able to pay my respects in Goondiwindi, Yelarbon, and Talwood as well as participated in the Goondiwindi State High School service.

On ANZAC Day, we honour the many men and women who have served in wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations, particularly those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. The sheer number of people within our community who participated on the day demonstrates the importance our region places on honouring and reflecting so that we never take peace for granted. I thank all those individuals and community groups who contribute to delivering these essential memorial services across the region.

Casa Mia refurbishment goes to market

This week, Council released the tender documentation for builders to submit a price to refurbish the Casa Mia site into five independent living units. This is an important milestone in the site's redevelopment and signifies the progress made by the community and Council towards reopening the repurposed facility. I sincerely thank the Queensland Government for their Housing Investment Fund grant that has allowed this project to proceed.

This complements Council's recent purchase of the Casa Mia land as freehold, allowing the site to be considered for future community use. 

Council water allocation

Council holds multiple water allocations within the Border Rivers System, which spans Queensland and New South Wales. These allocations extend from Texas to Goondiwindi, encompassing water treatment facilities located in Texas, Yelarbon, and Goondiwindi, as well as various water storage sites such as Goondiwindi Natural Heritage & Water Park, Clarkes Lagoon and the Botanic Gardens.

Based on the water projected to be available, the available capacity at Council facilities, and in accordance with Council’s Raw Water Policy, Council has determined not to sell any of its general security water allocation for the 2023/24 water year with our allocation being reserved for activities such as topping up the Goondiwindi Water Park.

Fire Ants risk following nest found in Oakey

The recent confirmation that there is an outbreak of invasive fire ants in the Oakey area is extremely concerning.  This invasive species has the potential to impact the productivity of our local agricultural economy, but also impact local assets like parks, gardens and sporting fields.

Unfortunately, fire ants are known for their ability to ‘raft’ during heavy rain and floods, forming floating colonies that can travel long distances through river systems.  With this recently found colony so close to the Murray-Darling Basin system, it is imperative that the response from the State is swift and effective in containing the threat and removing the possibility of any further infestation in the region. We ask for residents to remain vigilant for signs of this invasive pest and contact the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries if concerned.

Council meeting in Texas

Consistent with my commitment to residents to hold a council meeting annually in both Texas and Inglewood, I'd like to advise that our next Ordinary Meeting (OM) on 22nd May 2024 will be held in Texas. I’d like to invite all interested residents to attend if they can. The OM commences at 9 a.m., with a morning tea to follow at around 10 a.m.

Queensland Government issues new land valuations

Some residents have recently raised concerns about the potential impacts of the 2024 statutory land valuations in our region. Council has absolutely no control over statutory land valuations, which the Queensland Government assesses and sets.

It is also essential to understand that Council's annual budget is a total amount based on the upcoming capital and operational expenditure only. Land valuation increases do not increase Council's total annual budget.

The land valuations form part of a local government rate calculation to assess how much of the total Council budget each ratepayer is responsible for. Council uses tools such as differential rating, averaging and annual capping of rate increases to assist with minimising the impact of land valuations on Council rates.

Any individual can object to their land valuation. I encourage interested residents to do so swiftly, as objections must be lodged with the Queensland Valuer-General by 27 May 2024. For more information, visit:

2nd May 2024 at 12:00 AM