Pre-Lodgement Assistance

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To save you time and money when you need to seek Council approval for a proposed development, Goondiwindi Regional Council provides pre-lodgement meetings.

To request a pre-lodgement meeting, please complete and submit Council’s ‘Request for Pre-lodgement Meeting’ form.

These meetings can assist you by providing early advice about the types of development approval required and how to prepare the necessary development applications and supporting material. If you intend to have a pre-lodgement meeting to discuss your development with the Goondiwindi Regional Council, the following steps can give you maximum benefit from the meeting:

  1. Write down what you hope to do – Describe the buildings and structures you intend to keep, demolish or build. What will happen on the site? How many visitors or employees will you expect? Are you subdividing your land into smaller lots? How big will each lot be and how will the lots get access to a road?   Are services such as sewerage and water required?
  2. Get the street address of the property  - If possible get the real property description (Lot and Plan Number) - If you have a rate notice for the property, bring that with you to the meeting.
  3. What is the land currently being used for? – Describe what structures are on the land and what activities are now carried out on the land. If it's a business, how many employees and visitors will be on site?
  4. What is happening on the surrounding land? – Have a look at the surrounding properties and see if you can identify what they are being used for. Are there houses, workshops, factories nearby?
  5. Will you need to clear vegetation for your development? – Consider whether removal of protected vegetation is needed to proceed with the proposal. Enquiries can be made with The Department of Natural Resources and Mines.
  6. Identifying the relevant meeting participants – who will need to be at the meeting and what are the issues to be discussed and issues for which direction is sought.
  7. Plans and Photos – bring along any preliminary or conceptual plans and relevant photos.