Elected Councillors 2024-2028

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Councillor Profiles


The Honourable Councillor Lawrence Springborg Mayor Goondiwindi Regional Council profile picture

The Honourable Councillor Lawrence Springborg, AM

Mobile:   0439 782 787
Email:     lspringborg@grc.qld.gov.au

Portfolio:  Economic Development, Tourism and Events, LDMG

Register of Interests

Mayor Springborg was first elected in 2020.   


Councillor Suzie Kelly profile picture

Cr Susie Kelly

Mobile:   0427 712 250
Email:    skelly@grc.qld.gov.au

Portfolio:  Rural Services, Community Facilities and Technology

Register of Interests

Councillor Kelly was first elected in 2020.


Councillor Rob Mackenzie profile picture

Cr Rob Mackenzie - Deputy Mayor

Mobile:   0427 754 591
Email:    rmackenzie@grc.qld.gov.au

Portfolio:  Waste, Regulatory Services and Planning

Register of Interests

Councillor Mackenzie was first elected in 2008.


Councillor Phil O'Shea profile picture

Cr Phil O’Shea

Mobile:   0427 584 500
Email:    poshea@grc.qld.gov.au

Portfolio:  Health, Ageing, Arts and Culture

Register of Interests

Councillor O'Shea was first elected in 2020.


profile picture of cr Kym Skinner

Cr Kym Skinner

Mobile:   0457 589 858
Email:    kskinner@grc.qld.gov.au

Portfolio:  Lifestyle and Education

Register of Interests

Councillor Skinner was first elected in 2024.

profile picture of cr Julia Spicer OAM

Cr Julia Spicer OAM

Mobile:   0427 408 713
Email:    jspicer@grc.qld.gov.au

Portfolio:  Water, Sewerage and Local Laws

Register of Interests

Councillor Spicer was first elected in 2024.

Councillor Jason Watts profile picture

Cr Jason Watts

Mobile:   0480 554 011
Email:    jwatts@grc.qld.gov.au

Portfolio:   Transport, Roads and Youth

Register of Interests

Councillor Watts was first elected in 2020.

Note: Councillors have social media accounts that they use to express their own personal views and not necessarily those of council. Any councillor that identifies themselves on a social media page as a councillor is bound by the council’s code of conduct policy.