Elected councillors cannot take office until the conclusion of the election.

(1) The conclusion of the election of a councillor is—

(a) if the councillor is elected at an election of all councillors of the local government—the day on which the last declaration of a poll conducted in the election is published on the electoral commission’s website under section 100(2);


Declaration of results notices are required to be published on the Council’s website under section 100 (3) of the Local Government Electoral Act 2011.   The declarations will be added below as they become available:

Goondiwindi Regional Council Mayor Results Declaration

Goondiwindi Regional Council Councillor Results Declaration

newly elected councillors standing on the steps with the Goondiwindi Regional Council sign above them
L to R: Cr Phil O'Shea, Cr Rob Mackenzie, Cr Susie Kelly, Hon. Councillor Lawrence Springborg, AM (Mayor), Cr Kym Skinner, Cr Jason Watts  & Cr Julia Spicer OAM

The elected Mayor and Councillors for the Goondiwindi Regional Council were officially declared on Thursday, 28 March 2024..

Role of a Councillor:

Queensland's Local Government Act 2009 states that the roles of a Local Government Councillor are generally-

  • represents the overall public interest of the local government's area and, if the councillor is a councillor for a division of the area, also represents the public interest of the division; and
  • takes part in deciding the facilities, services and enterprises that are appropriate for the area; and
  • takes part in formulating, adopting and reviewing:
    • the local government's corporate plan and operational plans; and
    • the policies and goals of the local government; and
  • takes part in making decisions for achieving goals and implementing the policies of the local government.

Please note that Goondiwindi Regional Council is not divided for electoral purposes (i.e. there are no electoral wards or divisions) and therefore the Mayor and each Councillor represents every citizen in the Shire.

Councillors are not provided with any discretionary funds.

Consult the Local Government Act 2009 for more details.