Windows of Opportunity

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We believe that the windows of opportunity for small business and industry in the region are extensive.

The strength of this belief is based in at least five key factors:

  • The regions diversity of natural resources and rural production.
  • The scope for value-added production and even export potential.
  • The excellent scope for identification of eco-tourism and other tourism opportunities.
  • The regions central positioning as hub of strong rural growth.
  • The increasing pressure, restrictions and costs on business and industry in the greater metropolitan areas will force many businesses to explore the economic and lifestyle advantages of relocation.

Again we emphasise that Goondiwindi Regional Council is a location full of "ground floor" opportunities. It offers great potential rewards to those who have the vision to see where South East Queensland is heading, and where growth opportunities will emerge over the next five to fifteen years.

From this perspective, the greatest long-term opportunities exist in establishing now, while establishment and/or relocation costs are so comparatively attractive for those with vision and a true modern day pioneering spirit.

Further, there are numerous businesses long established in the area whose owners have enjoyed a lifetime of involvement and who are looking to sell or retire. These may offer excellent opportunity for younger professionals or business minded families wanting to grow with the region and have access to excellent rural lifestyle.