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Council jump-starts residential investment in the Goondiwindi Region

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Goondiwindi Regional Council today agreed to temporarily remove Council-related costs related to new multi-dwelling construction in an effort to relieve pressure on a tight rental market.

Council is at the forefront of innovation by introducing a rebate for all Council fees and charges associated with constructing new multi-dwelling buildings (applies to all Council planning, building, water and sewerage fees).

The new multi-dwelling buildings include duplexes, granny flats, units and townhouses, and must be built within areas within existing Council water and sewerage infrastructure in the Goondiwindi Region. To be eligible, the building application must be received and approved between 3 January - 31 December 2023, with construction completed and certified before 31 December 2025.

The rebate will not apply to stand-alone houses, temporary multi-dwellings or short-term accommodation. 

Mayor of the Goondiwindi Region the Honourable Cr Lawrence Springborg AM holds Council’s portfolio for economic development and said Council is doing all it can to encourage private sector development in the region and relieve rental pressure.

“Ultimately, the private sector is best placed to determine supply and demand requirements – but Council is assisting by removing a cost barrier to proceeding with the construction,” the Mayor said.

“Rental shortages and housing affordability are a national issue, and Goondiwindi Regional Council is the first in the state to take this extremely proactive approach of refunding all Council fees for multi-dwelling buildings,” Cr Springborg said.

The Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) has repeatedly listed the Goondiwindi Region as one of three LGAs with the tightest real estate markets in Queensland, at 0.1% vacancy. A healthy housing rental vacancy rate should be 3% as this allows for population growth, enabling local employers to attract and retain both skilled and unskilled workers to a region. 

“Today’s announcement is a win for mum and dad investors looking at a granny flat, or duplex development, as well as attracting larger investments into unit complexes,” Cr Springborg said.   “There is land availability in our region, and good capital and rental returns to be made from investment in the Goondiwindi Region.

“It’s our intent that this incentive will encourage out-of-town investors to consider the Goondiwindi Region for their next project, but also give local investors a jump start to solve our local housing shortage. 

“We’re all aware of the construction challenges of recent years, however, we’ve had confirmation that there are local builders able to start works in 2023, and even more with the ability to meet the 2025 construction deadline,” he said. 

Council has offered several incentives in recent years to relieve local housing pressures, including discounted fees, development and building application fees, and this financial year is offering no-cost planning application fees for industrial lot reconfiguration (sub-divisions). 

Cr Springborg said the new rebate is designed to speed up the process and encourage new buildings to be habitable and available to the market as quickly as possible.

“The focus on multi-dwellings is in direct response to market needs,” he said.  “We know for example that there’s huge demand locally for two-bedroom units – from professionals to young couples and older people looking to downsize.

“Now is a great time to invest in the Goondiwindi Region – known as Regional Australia at its Best.”

14th December 2022 at 12:00 AM