New cycleway boasts better, safer biking in Goondiwindi
New cycleway boasts better, safer biking in Goondiwindi

New cycleway boasts better, safer biking in Goondiwindi

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The Goondiwindi Region can boast better, safer biking between residential areas and the Goondiwindi CBD thanks to a new 1.35-kilometre cycle path and crossing point along Brennans Road.

Goondiwindi Regional Council has constructed the new 3-metre-wide cycleway from the intersection of West Street and Lagoon Street, along Brennans Road, to the entrance of Goondiwindi's Botanic Gardens, and along to Noud Street.

Council has also upgraded the crossing point in the existing bitumen path near Coleborn Road.

Council completed the work in two stages as part of the Queensland Government's Cycle Network Local Government Grants (CNLGG) Program. Council received a 50% funding contribution from the CNLGG towards the $227,000 cost of stage one and $150,000 cost of stage two.

Cr Jason Watts holds Council’s portfolio for Roads and Transport. He said the new cycleway will connect residential areas to important local community facilities such as schools, the Goondiwindi Hospital and Goondiwindi Medical Centre.

“This new path will add to our extensive existing cycle network and help to make sure our community is safer and more connected,” Cr Watts said.  

“This new path will ensure safer access for people walking and riding from the levee bank pathway to the Botanic Gardens and numerous residential streets,” he said. “It also includes a designated crossing point that will make road crossing safer for pedestrians and bike riders alike.”

Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey said the funding was part of the Queensland Government's popular Cycle Network Local Government Grants program.

"Investment in safer bike-riding infrastructure helps get more people riding, more often, and promotes healthy travel," Mr Bailey said. "We know that, on average, every dollar we invest in bike-riding infrastructure will return nearly five dollars in economic benefit to Queensland with improved health outcomes, reduced traffic congestion, and lower transport costs.

"That's why we have committed $268.8 million in funding over four years to support and encourage bike riding across the state, improving facilities for locals and tourists alike.

“Our investments in bike-riding infrastructure are targeted at the highest priority cycling routes across the state identified in Principal Cycle Network Plans."

The project complements a suite of recent Council investments in road safety and pedestrian accessibility, including the new roundabout at the intersection of McLean and Callandoon Streets and a new 65-metre concrete footpath along the northern side of Bowen Street connecting the CBD to Care Goondiwindi’s new respite apartments.

“We know that bike riding has many health and environmental benefits for our region, so this project is an investment in the future of a healthy, active community,” Cr Watts said.

“Council is very grateful to external funding opportunities such as the CNLGG program, which allows our Council to invest in important community infrastructure at minimal cost to the ratepayer,” he said.

23rd January 2023 at 12:00 AM