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First time fees waived for impounded animals

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24 October 2018

Media release: First time fees waived for impounded animals

Goondiwindi Regional Council today approved a proposal to waive the release fee for dogs and cats that are impounded for the first time.

The waiver will apply only to animals that meet state requirements for registration and microchipping. Queensland legislation requires all dogs over the age of 12 weeks to be registered and microchipped. Cats do not need to be registered, but they must still be microchipped.

In cases where the impounded animal does not meet these requirements, a notice will be issued to address this. Council will then follow up with the animal owner to ensure the appropriate actions have been taken to resolve the issue.

Goondiwindi Regional Council Mayor Graeme Scheu said the amendment marks a more educational approach by Council to dealing with wandering cats and dogs in the community.

It will allow eligible animals to be returned to their owners without an impound fee or stray animal fine issued for a first time offence.

‘The changes are intended for genuine cases of when a pet has gone wandering,’ Cr Scheu said.

‘We want to work with owners who are genuinely doing the right thing and have a good history of animal management, who comply with enclosure notices and other animal management options to contain their pets within their property,’ he said.

All instances where Council attends a straying animal are recorded, so any subsequent cases involving the same animal would be subject to the usual fees and charges.

‘We need to take the opportunity to educate pet owners when a one-off incident occurs, and to ensure the correct requirements are in place to prevent further problems down the track,’ Cr Scheu said.

‘We need to work together as a community to get animal management right in our region.’

In instances where the property enclosure is found to be inadequate to prevent further straying, the Goondiwindi animal facility may hold the animal until the issue is resolved.

For further information, please contact:

Councillor Graeme Scheu
Goondiwindi Regional Council
Mobile: 0427 718 877

Published: October 25th 2018