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Goondiwindi Regional Council acknowledges the public has a right to be consulted about decisions that may impact on their quality of life. We will strive to ensure that a transparent, two-way communication process exists between Council and stakeholders, and that the public has sufficient information required to allow effective participation in the communication process.

Current Consultation

Goondiwindi Region Visitor (Tourism) Strategy, 2020-2024

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Goondiwindi Regional Council is preparing a new Visitor Strategy 2020-2024. 

Goondiwindi Regional Council recognises that tourism is a sector in which we can have a never-ending wish list of potential projects and opportunities. Council has a responsibility to minimise rates for our community, and to spread our resources across all industry and sectors. It is a delicate balancing act, but Council is working toward a new Strategy that will provide you with confidence that Council is prioritising investment into the visitor (tourism) sector. 

There is no doubt that, beyond Council’s role in the sector many other community groups, businesses and individuals are making their own positive impacts. This is essential to a healthy and dynamic visitor economy.

Council’s Visitor Strategy 2020 – 2024 will deliver a plan focusing outcomes on Council’s key responsibilities that it can have a direct impact on.

Goondiwindi Regional Council recognises that our ‘tourism market’ is far more than the traditional holiday tourist. Research indicates that 27% of visitors are business-related (spending a significant amount on food and hotel/motel accommodation), and another 24% relate to friends and family visiting. This strategy therefore focuses on all ‘visitors’ rather than just the traditional holiday or caravanning tourist who represent 36% of our market.

The community consultation in developing this strategy will focus on tourism businesses, visitor information services, events and festivals, marketing and promotions. In addition, we will identify potential catalyst projects, for which we will support applications for third party investment.

2017-18 Goondiwindi Region Tourism Statistics

Purpose of travel - Goondiwindi Region 2013-18 average